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Toys to stop destructive behaviour

Do you find your house in a mess? Have you lost countless slippers and shoes to chewing? Well, dogs tend to get bored when being left at home or alone for a long period of time. And sometimes they also feel anxious. More often than not, boredom and anxiety are the root cause of destructive behaviour.  How do I stop my dogs from destroying things? Nose work There are a few things you can do, get a snuffle mat or toy, hide treats in them. Let your dog find the treats. It will give them the opportunity to use their nose and search.  Need a longer fun time? We hide treats in some snuffle toys or nose work toys and hide them around the...

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And that's a wrap folks!

What a year it has been! So what happened this year? Melbourne was awarded with the world's longest lockdown. When everything seems well, enters Omicron to ruin the party. Ah well, we'll have a vaccine for it soon enough! After lockdown craziness, Captain Wigglebum was born.  This idea has been brewing for a while and then I decided to take the leap and started this business a month ago, and I am so grateful for the support! It's been a quick test to see if we should really do this and I think we should. I think there are a lot of toys out there but there are opportunities for better toys. It's good to get your dog excited and...

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Our Short Break

What a year it has been!  To wrap up the year, we will be away 29 Dec - 3 Jan. During those days we won't be able to process any orders. We will be back after and will ship any orders placed during those days on the 4th.  Happy Holidays everyone!

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